Forms & Documents

The following are documents, procedures manuals, and various forms that can be downloaded, printed, and used for references as needed. They are provided in PDF format so you will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it installed.

The documents are grouped according to divisional functional relevance, i.e., Property related documents, Transportation related documents, Central Stores related documents, and Vendors related documents. Scroll down to the section of interests and locate the document that you need. To view the document on screen, click on the link. To save the document to your computer, right-click on the link and select the option "Save Target As…"

Property and Printing
Title Description
Application to Lease Real Estate

This form is utilized when a private individual is applying for rental of a Government Building or Property.

Application To Lease Real Estate

Used for persons and entities to apply for leasing real estate from the Government of the Virgin Islands. If you want to lease a piece of govenment property, use this application.

Document Disposal Authorization Form
Government Property Listing

A detailed list of all Government of the Virgin Islands Properties by address and location.

Home Use Authorization Form

Use this form when assigning Government property to employees for home use.

Missing or Stolen Property Report

This form is used to report any Government of the United States Virgin Islands Property that has been stolen or turns up missing.

Private Print Job Request Form

Use this form to request print jobs for any of your print needs to our state of the art Print Shop located at Building #1 Subbase, St. Thomas,VI 00802. To request your print job, please fill out this form, save and then send via email to or

Report of Survey
Request for Approval to Lease Commercial and/or Office Space

This form is utilized when an Agency is requesting to lease from a private individual.

Transfer of Property Form

This form is used to report any transfer of any Government of the United States Virgin Islands property or vehicles from one agency to another.

Vehicle Accident Report Form

Use this document to report any motor vehicle accidents involving a government owned vehicle.

Procurement & Central Stores
Title Description
Bidder Mailing List Application
Central Stores Warehouse Product Catalog (Edition 2009)

A color product catalog listing all items that were available for purchse at the time of printing.

Contract Checklist for User Agencies

Checklist for all contracts


DPP Policy Memorandum No. 012018

Mandatory Requirements for Justification Letters and Transmittal Letters to the Department of Property and Procurement

Executive Order No. 4767-2016

Executive Order No. 4767-2016

Exercise of Renewal Option


Mandatory Supporting Documents

List of Required Supporting Documents to Contract with the Government of the Virgin Islands


Memorandum of Agreement over $500,000

MOA V.4.20.2020(1) - valued over $500,000

Memorandum of Understanding

MOU V.4.20.2020

Periodical Estimate for Partial Payments
Preferred Bidders Certificate for Firms, Partnerships and Corporations
Preferred Bidders Certificate for Individuals
Procurement Manual

Procurement Manual

Procurement Policy No. 012016
Procurement Rules & Regulations

Contains the rules and regulations that govern the Government of the Virgin Islands procurement process. While this document is current at the time of posting, there is no assurance that it will always remain completely current. So, please verify its accuracy before relying on it.

Professional Services Contract Template over $500,000

PSC V.4.20.2020(1) - valued over $500,000

Amendment to Professional Services Contracts Template

Amendment V.4.20.2020(1) - contracts valued over $500,000

Amendment to Professional Services Contracts Template

Amendment V.4.20.2020(2) - contracts up to $500,000

Memorandum of Agreement up to $500,000

MOA V.4.20.2020(2) - vauled up to $500,000

Professional Services Contract Template up to $500,000

PSC V.4.20.2020(2) - valued up to $500,000

Release of Claims
Sample Addendum I - Scope of Services
Sample Addendum II - Compensation
Schedule of Amounts
Title Description
Form No. DPP-002-DT-2008 (Auction Registration Card)

Used to register as a participant and bid on vehicles that are placed on auction.

Form No. DPP-003-DT-2008 (Vehicle Auction Contract Sale and Award)

Used as a Bill of Sales and a Buyer/Seller certification of a completed auction sale.

Form No. DPP-004-DT-2013 (Operators Report of Motor Vehicle Accident)

Used for reporting and documenting motor vehicle accidents in which a Government Vehicle and Government Employee is involved.

The Vehicle Inspection Form

Used for periodically recording the condition of vehicles.

Title Description
1099 Policies and Procedures

Additional guidelines for the use of Form 1099 in some special situations.

W-9 Tax Form

If you are making a new application, or renewing your application, be sure to download and include a completed copy of the W-9 Tax Form.