Central Stores & Warehousing

Central Stores & Warehousing

The Division of Central Stores and Warehousing provides office goods, cleaning supplies, and materials for sale to all government departments and agencies. Its goal is to be the first choice for cost-efficient, quality goods, and supplies. Our Warehouse and Distribution Unit manages and stores excess equipment, goods, and materials for the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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The Central Store and Warehousing Unit provides office, housekeeping, and cleaning supplies for resale to all government departments and agencies. It is our goal to provide cost-efficient, quality goods and supplies. The Executive Branch is required to purchase all office and housekeeping supplies from Central Stores. If such items are out of inventory, a waiver is required and shall be granted to purchase from another vendor. Services include:

• Office Supplies
• Housekeeping Supplies
• Cleaning Supplies

For pricing information, as well as to determine product availability, please contact Central Stores at Centralstorestx@dpp.vi.gov and Centralstorestt@dpp.vi.gov

Central Stores orders for user agencies are entered via the Pick Ticket process. All other Central Stores customers may submit a request in person, by fax, or via email at  Centralstorestx@dpp.vi.gov or Centralstorestt@dpp.vi.gov.

 Please specify your respective district to arrange for pickup.

Waivers are granted for products that are either out of stock or not supplied by Central Stores. A product inventory check will be conducted and a waiver will be granted once the item is confirmed to be out of stock or not fulfilled by Central Stores please forward inventory requests to  Centralstorestx@dpp.vi.gov or Centralstorestt@dpp.vi.gov.

Peruse our catalog for your selection:  Central Stores Catalog 2020

Do I need a price quote to create a pick ticket?

No, you do not need a price quote to create a pick ticket. A price quote is required only if you are creating a purchase order utilizing federal funds.

Do you sell furniture and computers?

No, currently we do not.

Are Government employees permitted to visit Central Stores and purchase supplies?

Yes, all Government employees may purchase supplies from Central Stores.

Do product prices vary?

Yes, they change over time due to market conditions and based on an internal FIFO system.

Do I need to enter a commodity code?

Yes, you must enter the product(s) commodity code in the required field or your order will be rejected.

After I have received an approved order, how long will it take for items to be filled?

Once your order is received, it is processed and filled the same day and can be picked up the following day.

Is there a way for me to note special instructions for Central Stores on my order?

Yes, you may note special instructions for delivery in the General Notes area e.g. which division and the contact person for the order.

When creating a pick ticket do, I need to assign a vendor number?

No, vendor numbers are not required, and this field should intentionally be left blank. You are only required to input a vendor number if requesting a purchase order (PO).

Does Central Stores donate to charity or non-profit organizations?

No, unfortunately not.

Why is pick ticket purchasing preferred versus a purchase order for Central Stores purchasing?

Pick ticket purchasing provides a faster method for receiving inter-agency transactions because funds are received immediately, and the order is processed and ready for pick up the same day.

Do you offer delivery service of large orders through Central Stores?

We currently do not offer this service at this time, but the department will take this request under consideration

Can I request a list of the items that Central Stores carries?

You may contact Central Stores directly at 340.773.1561 (STX) or 340.774.0828 (STT). In addition, you can also download the Central Stores Warehouse Catalog located under Resources > Forms & Docs > Procurement.

Why is there a difference in prices between St. Croix and St. Thomas Central Stores?

Prices may vary because different vendors are used between both districts.

As a private business owner, can I purchase Office Supplies and Household items from the Department of Property and Procurement?

Yes, you many purchase supplies from the Department of Property and Procurement through Central Stores Division. Our inventory includes a wide range of supplies that includes, office, housekeeping, and cleaning supplies. You can reach us by sending an email to Centralstorestx@dpp.vi.gov (St. Croix) and Centralstorestt@dpp.vi.gov (St. Thomas).