The Government of the Virgin Islands is committed to providing equitable, prompt and efficient procurement for the Virgin Islands. Below is a list of current contracts along with any relevant supporting documents.

ID Description Agency Awarded To Status
S018DOTT22 (K) To Provide Janitorial Services to the Department of Tourism at various location on the island of St. Department of Tourism Theophille Ann dba Kubulilady New
P038OLGT22 Software and Data Warehousing for the Recorder of Deeds Office of the Lieutenant Governor Kofile Technologies, Inc. New
P036DPPT22 Obtain services of a law firm to provide legal services for negotiation of the le Department of Property and Procurement Duane Morris, LLP New
C004DPWT22 (GC) Fort Christian Parking Lot Conduit Installatio Department of Public Works Grace Civil, LLC New
S016BMV21(PLL) RENEWAL OPTION- Landscaping Services at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the St. Croix District Virgin Islands Bureau of Motor Vehicles Lester Parsons d/b/a Parsons Landscaping and Lawncare Renewal
S33CDPWC20 (EMJE) Exercise of Renewal Option for Roadside / Gut Cleaning and Cemetery Maintenance Services on St. Croix Department of Public Works EMJ ENTERPRISES, LLC New
S021DOAT22 (JDCS) To provide Janitorial Services for the Department of Agriculture in the St. Thomas/ St. John District. Department of Agriculture Emmanuel Oneal dba J & D Cleaning Service New
C001DOAC22(MSTX) Administration Building Demolition St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture Marco St. Croix, Inc. New
G021DHST22 Department of Human Services Department of Labor New
G022DOHT22 Department of Health FEMA New
P035DHST22 Program Organization Management Services for VIBES Department of Human Services CGS Government Solutions, Inc. New
P034DOET22 Virtual Education Programming Department of Education Proximity Learning, Inc. New
G020DOET22 Masters in ED Leadership for Educators  Department of Education University of the Virgin Islands New
G019DOET22 Sub-Grant Award for Adult Basic and Literacy Education  Department of Education Virgin Islands Resource Center for the Disabled, Inc. New
P031DOAC22 Design and build pens.  Department of Agriculture Design District, PLLC New
P033BIRT22 Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue Scan-Optics LLC New
P30VPDT22 Body Cameras Virgin Islands Police Department Axon Enterprises, Inc. New
C002BMVT22 (EEBL) Bureau of Motor Vehicles Tutu Park Office Build Out Virgin Islands Bureau of Motor Vehicles Energy Efficient Builders, LLC New
C026SPRT21 (CB) Repairs to the Joseph Aubain Ballpark and French Town Tiny Department of Sports Parks and Recreation Professional Design/Builders Inc. d/b/a Custom Builders New
S03BGVIC22(PEE) Office Water Delivery Services, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Government of the Virgin Islands/St. Croix United Corporation dba Plaza Extra East New