The Government of the Virgin Islands is committed to providing equitable, prompt and efficient procurement for the Virgin Islands. Below is a list of current contracts along with any relevant supporting documents.

ID Description Agency Awarded To Status
G072DOLT22 Integrity Data Hub Participation Agreement-provide center managed data to informa Department of Labor National Association of State Workforce Agencies and The Center for Employment Security Education and Research, Inc. New
P147BOCT22 Provide mental health services. Bureau of Corrections Evadne Sang, MD, FACFE Amendment
G071DOHT22 Provide non-clinical support staff to meet the needs of the healthcare system. Department of Health National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Inc New
P146OMBT22 Build and develop econometric revenue forecasting models to project major tax rev Office of Management and Budget Moody's Analytics, Inc New
G070DOHT22 Provide non-clinical support staff. Department of Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention New
G069DOET22 Provide a cohort of twenty (20) teacher participants with academic courses toward Department of Education University of the Virgin Islands New
P145DOET22 Furnish pupil transportation for its regular education schedules and summer sched Department of Education School Busing, Inc. Amendment
G068VPDT22 Crash and citation implementation system along with required maintenance.< Virgin Islands Police Department Iowa Department of Transportation New
G067DOHT22 Provide testing program in accordance with the National Nurse Aide Assessment Pro Department of Health Credentia Nurse Aide, LLC New
G066VPDT22 Planning and implementing crime reduction and deterrence strategies in all Virgin Virgin Islands Police Department Department of Education New
P134OMBT22 Provide third-party fiduciary services as a condition of receiving grant funds by Office of Management and Budget McConnell & Jones, LLP Renewal
P139DHST22 To provide oversight and guidance related to applying national and the United Sta Department of Human Services Wilson Healthcare Consultants, LLC New
P140DOLT22 To assist the Government with program management and coordination of services for Department of Labor ICF Incorporated, L.L.C. Amendment
P137DHST22 Provide claims processing and management service to the Government under the Orig Department of Human Services Gainwell Technologies, LLC Amendment
G065DOHT22 Conduct the Territory's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System using a multi- Department of Health Board of Supervisors of the Louisiana State University and Agriculture and Mechanical College New
PO-22-400-4002-92 Supplemental Construction Contract- Modernization/ Renovation of the Glady's Abraham Elementary School on the island Department of Education Professional Design Builders, Inc. d/b/a Custom Builders New
C007DPWT22 (RC) Supplemental Contract- Clearview Apartment/ Route 33 Emergency Road Repair on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Department of Public Works Rumina Construction LLC New
P136OOGT22 Provide consulting and advisory legal services to the Office of Legal Counsel of Office of the Governor Marise James, Esq. New
P128OOGT22 Confer with and render legal services with and through the attorneys and staff of Office of the Governor Nagesh Tammara, Esq. Renewal
P135BOCT22 Provide off-island housing for Virgin Islands inmates on an ongoing basis. Bureau of Corrections Nucleos, Inc. New