The Government of the Virgin Islands is committed to providing equitable, prompt and efficient procurement for the Virgin Islands. Below is a list of current contracts along with any relevant supporting documents.

ID Description Agency Awarded To Status
PO-22-600-6002-89 Modular Office Installation at the Department of Property and Procurement, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Property and Procurement Professional Design/Builders Inc. d/b/a Custom Builders New
Renewal Option to PSC P008DPWT20 Provide program Management Assistance in the administration of The Federal-aid Hi Department of Public Works (Highway Engineering) Piotr Gajewski Renewal
PO-22-400-4001-213 Pressure Washing and Painting, Rep Department of Education Premier Construction Co., Inc. New
PO-22-400-4001-172 Painting of Exterior and Interior Wall Department of Education Julio Avila dba Julio Landscaping & Maintenance New
PO-22-110-1101-199 (RHMC) Renovation of the Attorney General's Executive Suite Office on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Department of Justice RHM Construction LLC New
P007PNRT23 To review and submit payroll documentation and reports to USEPA for fiscal years Department of Planning and Natural Resources Just Elevate, LLC New
P008DHST23 Provide Pharmaceuticals Services/Prescription Drugs, over the counter medications Department of Human Services Amdan, Incorporated d/b/a The Medicine Shoppe #1956 Renewal
G002DOHT23 To share immunization and vaccination information for the USVI with FDA database. Department of Health Acumen, LLC New
P006VPDT23 To revise the Virgin Islands Traffic Records Strategic Plan to fulfill Federal Requirements. Virgin Islands Police Department Cambridge Systematics Inc. New
P005DOAT23 To continue Phase III -  V of providing Architectural and Engineering services fo Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture Design District, PLLC New
G001DOHT23 Provide non-clinical support to meet the needs of the healthcare system. Department of Health National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Inc Amendment
P004BOCT23 Provide monthly public drinking water sampling and analysis testing, and complian Bureau of Corrections Ocean Systems Laboratory, Inc Renewal
PO-22-400-4001-162 (TI) Replacement of the Freezer Box at the Laga Building for the Virgin Islands Department of Education on St. Department of Education Tempaire International, Inc New
P002PNRT23 Provide work related to habitat restoration for birds in the USVI along with educ Department of Planning and Natural Resources Horsley Witten Group, Inc Renewal
P001DHST23 Provide a full-service mobile technology solution for USVI Medicaid Members. Department of Human Services Auto Tech Solutions, LLC. Renewal
P181DOJT22 To assist the Government with the completion of the Federal Certification. Department of Justice (Paternity and Child Support Division) Protech Solutions, Inc. New
P180DHST22 Provide Project management and Health Information Exchange (HIE) technical servic Department of Human Services Public Consulting Inc. New
C013OLGT22 (EEB) Nisky Center Passport Office Renovation on the island of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Office of the Lieutenant Governor Energy Efficient Builders, LLC New
PO-22-700-7001-101 (JBC) Knud Hansen WIC Building Construction Project on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Department of Health J. Benton Construction LLC New
PO-22-610-6101-165 (CCS) Patching and Painting of the Department of Public Works ("DPW") Main Building on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Department of Public Works Caribbean Contracting Services, Inc New