The Government of the Virgin Islands is committed to providing equitable, prompt and efficient procurement for the Virgin Islands. Below is a list of current contracts along with any relevant supporting documents.

ID Description Agency Awarded To Status
Renewal Option No. 1 to G036PNRT22 To collaborate and coordinate with the Government, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administation, and the Nation Department of Planning and Natural Resources University of the Virgin Islands Renewal
P023DHST23 To provide residential treatment services for minor wards and/or adults who have been referred by the Government Department of Human Services The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center Inc. New
Amendment No. 3 to G071DOHT22 as Amended by G001DOHT23 To provide the DOH with non-clinical support staff to meet the needs of the healthcare system to strengthen the publi Department of Health National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Inc., Amendment
P021LCAT23 To upgrade and enhance the Virgin Islands Department of Licensing & Consumer Affairs and web-based business appli Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs Palm Beach County New
Amendment No. 1 to P044PNRT21 To obtain nine (9) watershed management plans for selected priority watersheds on St. Thomas & St. Department of Planning and Natural Resources Watershed Consulting Associates, LLC d/b/a Watershed Consulting Amendment
Amendment No. 2 to G025DHST21 To improve the territory's child welfare system Department of Human Services Casey Family Programs Amendment
Renewal Option to P034DOEC19 To provide academic assistance to improve academic proficiency, literacy and social skills and related educational de Department of Education Maphairian, Inc. Renewal
PO-22-810-8101-214 (CCS) Kirwin Terrace Ballpark Hurricane Repairs for the Department of Sports, Parks, and Recreation in St. Department of Sports Parks and Recreation Caribbean Contracting Services Inc New
PO-23-610-6101-342 (GC) Supplemental Construction Contract- Estate Misgunst and Lerkenlund Road Repairs (Route 37 & 40) on St. Department of Public Works Grace Civil, LLC New
P020OOGT23 To -provide services in implementing a Group Violence Intervention Strategy in the U. S. Virgin Islands Office of the Governor Research Foundation of the City University of New York on behalf of National Network for Safe Communities New
Renewal Option to G042DOET22 In collaboration with Wayne State University will provide the necessary classes to cohort of seven (7) participants w Department of Education University of the Virgin Islands Renewal
P018OOGT23 To  obtain  the  services  of  a  Contractor  to  provide  communications  consul Office of the Governor Lawrence Thomas-Lewis and Josephine Thomas-Lewis dba Media One Productions New
Renewal Option to P180DHST22 Project Management and Health Information Exchange technical services to assist t Department of Human Services Public Consulting Group, LLC. Renewal
Renewal Option to P137DHST22 Provide Information Technology Services including claims processing and management services to the Government’s Medic Department of Human Services Gainwell Technologies LLC Renewal
Renewal Option to P034DOET22 To provide a virtual online teaching program as a remote option for targeted 6th – 8th and 9th – 12th-grade students Department of Education Proximity Learning, Inc. Renewal
P019DOET23 To provide specialized licensed and qualified staff to the Department consisting Department of Education Milestone Healthcare, LLC. dba Milestone Staffing Services New
PO-22-230-2304-227 (CB) Hurricane Repairs to the Emergency Operation Center for the Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (V Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency Professional Design Builders, Inc. d/b/a Custom Builders New
G011VIFT23 To obtain a contractor to perform billing & collection services for emergency medical services Virgin Islands Fire Service Department of Health New
PO-22-810-8101-182 Doris Hodge Tennis Center Hurricane Damage Repairs for the Department of Sports, Parks, and Recreation on St. Department of Sports Parks and Recreation Professional Design Builders Inc. d/b/a Custom Builders New
S066GVIC21(AMTS) Trash Removal Services for the Government of the Virgin Islands in the St. Croix District. Government of the Virgin Islands/St. Croix Atlantic Maintenance and Trucking Services, Inc. Amendment