How can an agency dispose of damaged or dilapidated items?

Once an item is being removed from the inventory and disposed of:

  1. Contact DPP for inspection and approval.
  2. Arrange for transportation of the item to be transported to the landfill for proper disposal.
  3. Schedule appointment for DPP to accompany user agency to landfill to ensure items are disposed of in compliance with the rules and regulations.

If the items do not have a tag, can an employee request the item?

No. Pursuant to DPP Policy all purchases made for government agencies/departments must have an identification tag evidencing the funding source.

Why do assets have to be tagged?

To keep a proper inventory of items and to be able to identify the funding source for proper record keeping.

Can the agency request a roll of tags?

No. Only the DPP Asset Management Division is authorized to tag Government property

Why do user agencies have to pay to dispose of electronic waste?

The Government utlizes private companies to discard eWaste.

Can user agencies dispose of eWaste at the Territory’s landfills?

No. Agencies must follow the procedures outlined by DPP to dispose of all items in its inventory. It is illegal to throw electronic waste in the Territory’s landfills. Agencies must:

  1. Obtain authorization from DPP to discard assets.
  2. Select a  licensed vendor through the GVI’s procurement process to arrange disposal.

Is there a storage facility where the user agency can store unwanted equipment?

No. Please contact DPP to remove items from inventory and arrange for disposal.

Why does the agency have to submit the fixed asset & purchase order form if it was submitted with the justification request?

The documents are needed to collaborate with the items tagged.

Can the Government turn over surplus personal property to a non-profit organization ?

Yes, the process is as follows:

  1. Approval must be granted from DPP.
  2. Item must be removed from the former agency’s inventory
  3. Transfer form must be completed.
  4. GVI identification tag must be removed.

Can one Government agency turn over surplus personal property to another Government agency?

  1. Yes, a Transfer Form must be completed and submitted to DPP for approval. 
  2. The item is then removed from the former agency’s inventory and registered under the new agency.
  3. Item is tagged to the new agency.

Can an employee request the assets that the agency is disposing?

No. The Government cannot gift items to its employees. DPP must comply with Title 31, Section 242 of the Virgin Islands Code when disposing of surplus or obsolete items.

Do the tags have to be removed when items are being disposed?


Can the Accountable Officer also be a Survey Member?


How can the agency obtain the Report Number on the Report of Survey?

The Department of Property and Procurement issues the report number therefore, agencies should contact DPP.

Are the Government’s vehicles insured?

Yes, the vehicles are covered under the Government’s property damage policies, when parked and through the Government’s self-insurance mechanisms while being operated.