Why was my requisition rejected when I submitted the invoice and the cost was below $10,000?

The requisition was disapproved because a requisition must be accompanied by a quotation not an invoice.

Why was my requisition rejected when I submitted a quote under $15,000 from an off-island vendor?

All purchases between $10,000.00 to $49,999.99 from an off-island or on-island vendor must include at least three (3) quotations or be justified as a sole source.

What documents should a user agency submit to DPP to request the solicitation of services?

User Agencies must submit a justification letter requesting advertisement along with the funding source and a copy of the Scope of Work/Services.

What is the procedure for adding a new vendor?

The new vendor request should be submitted to DPP and shall include a request to add vendor letter and current W-9 form for individuals. For business entities, a request to add vendor letter, a current W-9 form and all vendor supporting business documentation must be submitted. (A list of vendor required business documents can be found on DPP’s website under the Resources > Forms & Documents>Procurement tab).

How can I get a Purchase Order modified?

User Agencies must submit a request to the Office of the Commissioner of DPP, stating the cause for the modification and the revision(s) needed.

How long is a Purchase Order valid?

POs tied to unexecuted contracts going through the procurement process are valid for 180 days (DOF SOPP #305). If unexpended but required, User Agencies must contact the Department of Finance and request an extension.

What is the process for approving a contract?

Contracts must be submitted to DPP, inclusive of a transmittal letter, all vendor supporting business documentation, and proof of funding source(s).

Where can I find a copy of the Government’s standard contracts and forms?

You can obtain copies of the Government’s contracts and forms on DPP’s website, under the Resources > Forms & Documents> Procurement tab and the Templates Folder in the OPCMR SharePoint©.

What documents are required to support a vendor’s contract?

DPP’s website provides a list of vendor types and the vendor documents necessary for contracting. This checklist can be found under the Resources > Forms & Documents> Procurement tab.

Who is required to be registered with SAM.gov?

All entities doing business with the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands must have a current SAM.gov registration.

When should I use an MOU versus an MOA?

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is used when there is no exchange of funds between the parties for the performance of tasks. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is used when funds or in-kind services are being exchanged.

How long must a request for advertising services be posted?

The Government’s solicitations are typically posted for a minimum of 30 days (with some exceptions to the rule).