Does the Print Shop provide graphic design services?

Yes. The Printing Division offers this service individually or in addition to printing costs per job.

How are shipping costs handled for the island of St. Croix?

Currently we do NOT ship. However, the items can be picked up by a 3rd party and shipped to you.

How do I request a print job?

A print job be may be requested by downloading and completing the Print Job Request Form and emailing it to

  1. Government Printing Job Request Form
  2. Printing Job Request Form (Business/Individual)

How do I request document shredding services?

Shredding services may be requested by downloading and completing the Document Disposal Form and emailing it to

Does the Print Shop provide services to businesses and the public?

Services are provided to Government agencies, businesses, event promoters, and the public.

What type of printing jobs does the Print Shop produce?

The Print Shops provides a variety of printing jobs to include documents copies/prints, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, pamphlets, booklets, memorial booklets, invitations, tent cards, carbon forms/pads, note pads, tickets, flyers, and posters.

Does the Print Shop have a portfolio of sample jobs?

Samples of previous print jobs are available for viewing upon request digitally or in person.

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is structured based on a combination of criteria:

  1. Type of service requested;
  2. Paper stock weight;
  3. Ink color; and
  4. Turnaround time

What is the cost per flyer or poster size page in black/white and full color?

The cost for printing is as follows:

Letter Size (Prints)

8.5x11 Text weight = $.20p/s B/W
8.5x11 Text Weight = $.35p/s Color
8.5x11 Cover Stock = $.40p/s B/W
8.5x11 Cover Stock = $.50p/s Color

Legal Size (Prints)

8.5x14 Text Weight = $.35p/s B/W
8.5x14 Text Weight = $.50p/s Color
8.5x14 Cover Stock = $.75p/s B/W
8.5x14 Cover Stock = $1.25p/s Color

Tabloid Size (Prints)

11x17 Text Weight = $1.25p/s B/W
11x17 Text Weight = $1.50p/s Color
11x17 Cover Stock = $1.75p/s B/W
11x17 Cover Stock = $2.00p/s Color

p/s = Per Side

.07 cents 8.5 x 11  and .70 cents 11x 17

What type of services does the Print Shop provide?

The Printing Division offers full-service printing, graphic design, document cutting/trimming/folding/stapling/perforating, shredding, and binding services.

Does the Print Shop have a catalog?

Currently we do NOT, however, we are available to discuss printing jobs on a case by case basis.

Does the Print Shop produce promotional materials and t-shirts?

Not at this time.

What is the average turnaround time for orders?

The average turnaround time for printing jobs is seven (7) business days – depending on the job requirements and availability of special materials. Rush service is available for an additional fee starting at $100 and up dependent on the job size.