About Us

The Department of Property and Procurement is committed to assisting government departments and agencies in their efforts to acquire goods and services by utilizing a procurement system or program that is fair, equitable, prompt, quality oriented, cost efficient and most importantly, law abiding and ensures that all user agencies are in compliance with the Procurement Standards of Purchasing. In addition, to its procurement functions, the Department acts as a supporting arm in the areas of Property Management, Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution, Mail Delivery and Printing Production. The Department of Property and Procurement, formerly the Department of Insular Affairs, was established under Title 33, Chapter 13, of the Virgin Islands Code, and operates pursuant to Title 3, Section 212-221 and Title 31, Section 151-169 of the Virgin Islands Code, and Section 231-251 and Section 281-283 of the Virgin Islands Rules and Regulations. The Department has a firm commitment to a Property and Procurement system that provides quality, integrity and timeliness of service to all user agencies, the business community and the people of the Virgin Islands.

As the Government's general service agency, we will work vigorously to provide prompt and efficient service to departments and agencies. We always strive to carry out our goals and objectives in a manner that is cost-effective and diligent. Jurisdiction for provision of support services to all other governmental agencies relative to procurement and supply of all property and non-personal services is encompassed in Title 31, Chapter 23 of the Virgin Islands Code. Administrative services of the department are provided through the Office of the Commissioner. The department exercises general control over the enforcement of laws relating to the procurement and supply all property and non-personnel services. Included are related functions such as: review of construction and professional contracts, operation of the government printing office, management of rental properties owned or controlled by the government, vehicle transportation and repairs thereof, and inventory management and disposition of real and personal property items.