• Thu, 12/24/2020 - 08:00 am

Dear Team DPP, 

I Greet you with Peace, Joy, and Love!

I always say that I am blessed to lead the Department of Property and Procurement, which leads to people asking, “ How can you be blessed in Government employment where you are consistently ridiculed and underappreciated?”

Well, I believe in a “People First Agenda.” I believe that organizations are living organisms - not machines!

This Holiday Season please remember this: Your conscious and positive participation makes the difference in our Organization. Your ability to value People is the difference and your recognition that you are valued make you the difference.

This Season I urge you to value the small things we call “Simple Blessings” - family time, sharing your experiences, encouraging the young and leading by example.
This Season and always, remember that the key ingredient to organizational success is its people. Remember you are the “Main Ingredient” in our Organization’s success!

Only you can embody the character of appreciation and gratitude of your experiences and the unfailing understanding of how to treat others because of your personal and professional knowledge.

Remember this Season that you are blessed, not because of material things but because of the personal and professional relationships you have nurtured!

This Season be safe, enjoy your family and friends, enjoy the simple blessings, and most of all put People First!

I am blessed to lead this Organization simply because of YOU!

Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year

Anthony D. Thomas