Anthony D. Thomas



Virgin Islands’ values are not just a point of pride; they are the very fabric of our history and our future. In 2015 Commissioner Thomas returned to the Virgin Islands after a career as a Special Deputy US. Marshal from his last appointment as the District Manager of Judicial Security in the Northern District of Georgia.

Formally educated in Organizational Leadership, Business Management and Administration. Commissioner Thomas holds several degrees, including Bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and Administration, a Master’s in Business Administration, and is finalizing an independent research study for his Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership in Management.

Commissioner Thomas is widely recognized for his willingness to lead – repeatedly developing, advocating, and implementing innovative and groundbreaking solutions to some of our most historical and challenging issues.

As the Department of Education Procurement Director from 2015-2016, Commissioner Thomas continued the process of transitioning the Government of the Virgin Islands out of the USDE imposed Third-Party Fiduciary (TPF) System.   As the Chief of Staff at the time of the 2017 Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Commissioner Thomas was instrumental in operationalizing the position of Chief of Staff and led the disaster recovery team to mitigate challenges brought by managing the recovery and building the temporary schools. Appointed by Governor Albert Bryan Jr., as the Commissioner of the Department of Property and Procurement in January 2019, Commissioner Thomas continues his innovative leadership strategies and has been on the leading edge of change—enacting bold reforms that reflect those values. It is that entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that has allowed diversity and economic opportunity to thrive.

Commissioner Thomas’ top priorities for his tenure are tackling the Territory’s central government’s procurement system, strategy and structure, developing a centralized fixed asset management system, and the development of a business and commercial leasing system, strategy, and structure to enhance central government’s revenue generation and collections.

The focus on improving the procurement and property system, strategy and structure, and improving economic outlook the Office of Procurement Contract Management and Reporting (OPCMR) was created, which places an emphasis on professional development, operational efficiency, and timely updates to Virgin Islands Code. Within the Property Division emphasis is placed on embracing an innovative approach and strategy to economic prospects, creating inclusive economic growth, and an opportunity for every Virgin Islander to participate in the Territory’s economic prosperity. Commissioner Thomas through ethical leadership, embracing integrity, and transparency, establishing an environment of accountability, the  People of the Virgin Islands can have confidence and trust in effective Government Leadership.

Through these reforms, Commissioner Thomas is at the forefront of our Government’s journey into the 21st Century.