Procurement & Central Stores


The Division of Procurement is governed by Title 31, Chapter 23, §231-251, of the Virgin Islands Code. Issuance of Invitations for Bid (IFB) and Request for Proposals (RFP), awarding of contracts, and reviewing and approving of requisitions are the functions of this division. The Division of Procurement has a firm commitment to a procurement system that provides quality, integrity and timeliness of service to all user agencies, the business community and the people of the Virgin Islands. As the Government's general service agency, we will work vigorously to provide prompt and efficient service to departments and agencies, as cost effectively as possible, enabling us to accomplish our goals and objectives. As a general rule, it is the function of the Division of Procurement to obtain goods and services for all government departments and agencies from the right place, for the right price and at the right time. The Purchasing Office contracts for the acquisition of materials, supplies, equipment and services of the department and agencies of the Virgin Islands Government through the most economical methods. The Contract Administration Office oversees the entire contracting process, from the formation of a properly negotiated and executed contract to project completion. The center's focus is on professional services contracts. All discrepancies, claims, and any contractual disputes are resolved within the Activity Center. Protest in the bidding or procurement process is also resolved here.

Central Stores

The Division of Central Stores and Warehousing provides office, household and cleaning supplies for sale to Government Departments and Agencies. Its goal is to be the first choice for cost efficient, quality goods and supplies. The Warehouse and Distribution Unit is responsible for the warehousing and maintenance of all supplies, materials, and equipment for the Government of the Virgin Islands.