Disaster / Emergency Operations Plan 2016

The Department of Property and Procurement plays an integral role during a declared emergency or disaster. In the event of a declared emergency or disaster, the Department of Property and Procurement is responsible for the Emergency Service Function (ESF #1), Transportation and Emergency Service Function (ESF #7) Resource Management.

The purpose of Transportation is to coordinate and provide instantaneous access to the government’s vehicular fleet in cases of emergency or any declared disaster and to provide fuel prior to and after a declared emergency. Resource Management is responsible for providing for and storing resources necessary to aid various department and agencies in the event of a disaster. Through preparedness and practice the Department will honor its pledge and mission to:

 Implement Emergency Support Function (ESF) No. 1 Transportation Annex.
 Implement Emergency Support Function (ESF) No. 7 Resource Support Annex.

The Commissioner of Property and Procurement has the authority to mobilize the Department’s personnel and equipment as necessary. The Commissioner will direct, supervise and coordinate the Department’s activities with VITEMA.